Many of us don’t realise that mold is an integral part of cheese manufacturing. So have no fear if you see mold on your premium Hatchman’s Cheese after you’ve had it in your refrigerator. Our cheeses actually store very well under refrigeration.


The United States Department of Agriculture and the Mayo Clinic recommend the following guidelines for mold and cheese: 
Our Hatchman’s hard cheeses such as our Drunken Cheddar are safe to eat if the mold is removed. Cut off at least one inch around and below the mold spot. Keep the knife out of the mold itself so that it doesn’t cross-contaminate other parts of the cheese. Cover the cheese in fresh wrap.


For Gun Bolt, Crottin and other soft cheeses, when you begin to see mold, it is best to discard the cheese. Remember that on cheese like Hatchman’s premium Kofi Blue, the mold you see when you purchase the product is part of the manufacturing process.