A soft cheese made from cow’s milk. The brie has a smooth, creamy texture and because we use a proprietary stabilized paste process, it will not get runny. Available as a wheel about 4 inches in size.



A premium Bajan take on the most famous of the goat cheeses produced in France’s Loire Valley. This a soft cheese covered with white fuzzy mold (mold is not a bad thing in cheese making!) and delivers a strong flavour.


Drunken Cheddar

This hard cheese has a mild flavour with a kick! With the look of a regular yellow cheddar cheese, the name Drunken Cheddar comes about because of our unique, distinctive process using beer at the soaking stage.

Rosemary Goat Cheddar

This goat’s milk hard cheese gets its name from the infusion of the fragrant, evergreen herb added to the recipe. This fabulous cheese is our best seller.

Goat Cheese

This is a traditional soft cheese given a Bajan touch with our different varieties. We produce our goat’s cheese in 6 oz logs of plain, sorrel and herbed varieties. The plain variety has a very neutral and is perfect for swapping out for cream cheese in your favourite recipes.

Kofi Blue

Derived from cow’s milk (and named after my son!), Kofi’s Blue is a hard cheese similar to cheddar in its texture, but created with the true blue cheese lover in mind. Very approachable in flavour.

Gun Bolt

Our very own recipe, based on the famous Saint-Marcellin soft French cheese made from cow’s milk. This very creamy blend is available in a 2-inch wheel.